Welcome to Canada!
Programs and Support for Ukrainian Families

Offered by

Ukrainian National
Federation of Canada (UNF) 


Welcome to Canada - Support for Ukrainian Families

Are you new to Canada?
We’re here to work with you!

We offer support for Ukrainian families! Through a variety of wellness and support programs, we help Ukrainian families transition into life in Canada. 

Welcome to Canada, join us for programs and support

Join us for Programs that will offer you:

A warm welcome to Canada
A sense of belonging to a community – an extended family of sorts
Support and Guidance in navigating systems and services
Introduction to Canadian Culture and Values
An environment that is welcoming and offers some familiarity in terms heritage, customs, language, religion, and culture
Well-being Support – Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Etc.
Social support for parents and children
New friends and acquaintances!

Explore some of our wellness and support programs:

Wellness Program

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or are having difficulty coping, we’re here for you. We offer group sessions to support your wellbeing while you transition to life in Canada.

Summer Sokil Retreat

We invite you and your children to join us at a relaxing retreat by the lake! This is a great opportunity to get to know others in the Ukrainian community and escape from everyday stress.

Camp Soniashnyk

A children’s day camp in Toronto that is filled with interesting activities and exciting field trips. This is the perfect way for your children to make new friends!

Our Sponsors

Your donation is needed to provide support for Ukrainian families newly arrived in Canada

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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